how to sell plants from home

She didn't know if there are any regulations for selling plants in western New York. When people think of a plant nursery, the local garden center usually comes to mind. Selling produce from home usually doesn't require a license, but it may trigger a variety of regulations. How to Sell Plants On Facebook. We live in the city. Every successful business starts with a plan. Both work. Selling plants on Facebook is two-sided: there’s the free way or the paid way. Use left arrow key to move back to the parent list. Hi, My daughter always seems to have extra plants and wanted to sell them out of our home, like a yard sale/plant sale. Ginseng. Thanks for all the information about selling plants, which I hope to do some time this year. See if they are interested in purchasing your potted plants. Two years ago, a woman posted a dieffenbachia plant for sale on Facebook Marketplace and said that if she couldn’t sell it that night, she would throw it out. 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Unfortunately for us they are two separate businesses running in a complimentary way, so we don't see the profit from the cafe. There is a buzzing coffee shop at DH garden centre, which is busy all year, unlike the plants. These are plants that have patented genetics and require you pay a small licensing fee to resell them. The best plants to grow and sell include tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and broccoli. Selling potted plants is a good hobby that can help you make extra cash. Can You Really Make $36,000 a Year With a Herb Business? One takes time, one takes money. Angelika Maier. I understand the necessity for regulations on importing live plants due to pests, disease, etc. Any help would be much appreciated! pollinator Posts: 1403. I also sell homemade soil that lasts for over 10 years! If you focus your efforts on the big sellers, you’ll be able to upsell some more adventurous plant varieties. Small scaled plant nursery / selling plants from home . Here’s how she does it. Nuri of Urban Sprout Farms gives you ways to make money by selling plants by buying from him wholesale. 20. posted 5 years ago. I grown my plants from seed every year and always grow too many! According to the Profitable Plants website, one tree farmer plants 10,000 trees on a single acre and has grown and sold thousands of cottonwoods produced from one original tree. One of the easiest ways for a business to make money is to contact past customers with a special offer. 5. Shipping plants by mail requires careful packaging and preparation of the plant. Talk with managers of garden centers, farm stands and big box stores. I’ll explain both. You Shop. Any advice … Do your research! Asians have … Large plants were $5, and nothing ever went over that price. Janie Pauley: Mar 11, 2010: I have a yard-full of Lariope (very healthy plants) and would like to sell about half of this to someone - a nursery, or individuals. You have given some great tips! Selling Xmas wreaths and Xmas trees gives the business a boost in December, but I won't lie....It's hard to scrape by at times! “So far, I’ve sold over 2,000 plants! Simply take a pruned piece, stick in rooting hormone, and pot it up! Be available and friendly to customers — explain what the plants are and how to take care of them. The free way to sell plants on Facebook is to list them for sale in all of your local Buy/Sell/Trade groups. It seems like everyone wants to have a beautiful lawn and garden but few people have the knowledge or resources to start or grow their own plants. Have You Ever Wished That You Could Find A Way to Make Some Extra Money at Home? Make sure that your plants get enough nutrients and that they are healthy and attractive to buyers. How to Start a Backyard Bamboo Nursery for $800, 3 Profitable Niches For a Flower Farming Business, How to Make $36,000 a Year Part-Time Growing Profitable Herbs, How to Make Money Growing Medicinal Herbs, Blueprint For a Successful Garlic Business, Growing Plants For Profit – a Perfect Business for Stay-at-Home Moms, How to Start a Backyard Herb Business in a Month, How to Make $60,000 Yearly Growing Gourmet Mushrooms, Top 10 FAQs About Growing Oyster Mushrooms For Profit, How to Become a Profitable Mushroom Grower, Seven Ways to Profit Growing Medicinal Herbs, Earn Extra Cash Growing Oyster Mushrooms in a Backyard Shed. Log in, about Blueprint for a Successful Mushroom Growing Business, about How to Make Money Growing Culinary Herbs, about Growing Exotic Mushrooms for Profit. Houseplant sales are up and have potential for further growth so simple techniques can boost turnover, says Graham Clarke. For example, if you have a plant nursery, send out an e-mail coupon to your customer list every month. The local garden center with a website can sell online, but we feel strongly that they will need a larger network and greater capabilities to do it well and sustainably. Your existing customers are like money in the bank. A plant nursery established as a home-based business is a good way to earn extra income. I'd love to have a little plant sale of sorts but definitely don't want to if I'm going to get into legal trouble. Backyard plant propagation can be one of the easiest, most rewarding, and fun home businesses you could start! In The Sill’s “easy for beginners” tab, a small pothos plant in a pot will cost you $44, while an unpotted snake plant costs $16. When selling at a farm stand or market, expect to get upwards of $5 for a healthy 1-gallon potted perennial, rare or unique varieties can earn even more. Facebook is a different animal. Sell Flowers How to make money from your garden by selling flowers and plants for profit at home: If you enjoy growing then you can make extra from home doing your hobby when you sell flowers and plants from your garden. “I sell houseplant sets, which include the plant, soil and planters (I have different shapes, sizes and colors, and I send photos to customers so they can find one they like). Have you wondered what happens to the plants that nurseries don't sell? Using drip irrigation to water container plants. You want to sell plants that are popular with the public to maximize your sales. Within minutes, I had a buyer, so I decided I could turn this into a business and launched Clara’s Green House ( If you love Japanese Red Maples, relatively small potted specimens of these can sell for as much as $50 all day long. Don’t limit yourself just to transplants for the vegetable garden, though. but if a plant is not imported to the state, but rather grown within the same state and county that it will be sold and planted in.

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