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"Anonymous AQHA World Show Trainer"Perfect Prep EQ Training Day powder is wonderful, but the Extreme paste is brilliant." "Anonymous Amateur AQHA Competitor"With a Perfect Prep EQ Training Day program my amateurs and youth can ride and enjoy their horses and ponies any time..." "With a Perfect Prep EQ Training Day program my amateurs and youth can ride and enjoy their horses and ponies any time, and I don't have to worry about their safety. And he has finally learned the flying changes! For: Horses. Effects begin within 1 hour and last up to 6 hours. Sarah is so impressed she'd like a number of her horses on Training Day. Perfect Prep PET® Canine Calming Paste- 30 cc $11.39. So easy to use, just add to the feed. "Anonymous Adult Amateur"I feel that Perfect Products have contributed to my success in the show ring, and with the support of your formulas I have qualified my medium green and large green pony for Pony Finals this year. We love your product. Q: I need my horse to remain calm longer than 6 hours. It is effective in Perfect Prep EQ formulas as a stabilizing element in the transmission of nerve impulses. This calming supplement uses natural ingredients to create sustained relaxation and focus in horses during stressful conditions. Product Description. Perfect Prep Training Day and Extreme have given them the focus and confidence they need to progress in training and succeed in the show pen. Please next-day 6 tubes so I can show my horses!" She has been great in the three events I have taken her to, finishing the Training Novice division at Groton House with just one rail added onto her dressage score. Contains no prohibited substance. Betsy recommended your products for my Dutch warmblood gelding who has been having ‘issues’ learning flying changes. For an even greater calming effect, use Perfect Prep EQ Extreme in combination with Perfect Prep EQ Gold and/or Perfect Prep EQ Training Day as part of the Perfect Prep Calming System. We used your Perfect Prep EQ Training Day at the Appaloosa Word Show and our mare did not bleed and was much more manageable. Key Features and Specifications Perfect Prep EQ Extreme is ideal to use 90 minutes before performance for quick-acting, targeted calming. Effects Stabilizes blood sugar levels, relaxes muscles, slows the heart rate, and diminishes reactivity. May be used alone or as part of the Perfect Prep Calming System. Effects begin within 1 hour and last up to 6 hours. He used to be very difficult and unpredictable but has been on his best behavior since going on your product. ", "My horses train and perform in a relaxed manner on one scoop of Perfect Prep EQ Training Day Powder a day in their morning feed. "Christina Berry"We started showing him with Training Day & Supreme paste after the first of the year and it is now part of my regular show prep." ", "The mare performed extremely well...We love your product. Thank you for the support, it already is paying off! All testimonials are authentic and accurate, but may have been edited for clarity or brevity. It can stabilize unwanted attitudes of the horses and helps to create focus at the time of training. I finally realized that her attitude and energy had changed around the same time that I took her off of Training Day. Please next-day 6 tubes so I can show my horses! Learn more and... Jump to. Overview. "My horses go to the paddock quietly and perform dependably on Perfect Prep EQ Training Day. One of the benefits of the Perfect Prep EQ formula is that the appropriate magnesium compound is used in our formulas to produce optimum effect and quickly correct the imbalances in the calcium-magnesium ratio. ""Just wanted to let you know I put my TB mare on GastroEase after I spoke with you. You can also combine Gold and Extreme for extra calming and focus. Copyright © 2006-2019 Perfect Products, LLC. ", "He used to be very difficult and unpredictable but has been on his best behavior since going on your product. ", "He performs with the focus and calmness I need to compete at the highest levels. I am a huge fan of Perfect Prep. All testimonials are authentic and accurate, but may have been edited for clarity or brevity. She was listening to the aids and her ‘black outs’ were minimal." Thank you Perfect Products! I have never been able to train his lines of changes. Perfect Prep Extreme by Perfect Product satisfies the demand of higher level horsemen and trainers for a quieting product that is designed to be safe, ethical, and simple to use. After a month we had him responding and trusting us." He is very nervous and a big scaredy-cat. I have used this product several times on some of my horses..before parades and for other unusual events we attend love how it works! ", "Nice horses become even nicer, and even the tough ones melt. "We recently learned that my horse, Mick, has some old tendon injuries in his front legs. Click here to read testimonials from customers like you! "Jenny Jung S&J Performance Horses"It replaced the need to lunge my horse so often at the shows, thus saving his legs and possible future vet bills." I have used the powder daily on him and the difference is amazing. Perfect Prep Training Day Horse Calming Supplement - 2lb tub 4.2 out of 5 stars 26. "I have two wonderful Appendix Quarter Horses that I compete over fences with (both AQHA and USEF). $45.99. The effects last up to 18 hours after the last dose and are cumulative with daily use. ", "Your Perfect Prep EQ Extreme has been instrumental in avoiding unpleasant IV medication used to prepare horses for the show ring. One of my personal horses that I own has qualified with a junior rider in my barn for NAJYRC in Kentucky in July for region 7. I won't horse show without it! Perfect Products, LLC makes no claims that offer veterinary advice.CONTINUE"Perfect Prep EQ Training Day has made it possible for him to safely accept training and even focus on his work." A month ago, upon our return from FL I started her on Training Day. I started him on Gastroease EQ along with Training Day and the booster of Supreme and was shocked at the transformation. "We operate a full service boarding and training stable in South Florida. fbq('track','ViewContent');fbq('track','ViewContent',{content_ids:['PPX'],content_type:'product',value:21.00,currency:'USD'}); Perfect Prep EQ Extreme is quick acting, targeted calming support for increased focus during stressful situations. I thought that maybe if we put some of our high stressed, high issues horses on Training Day it might help them settle. "Anonymous Show Jumper, Wellington"Less lunging, better rides." Through the winter, the mare became more and more adjustable. A: Pheromone gel products claim to work in the short term (lasting about 2.5 hours) by sending signals to the horse’s brain that mimic the signals a mare sends to her foal. The difference is that Perfect Prep EQ Supreme contains extra B Vitamins that give it an increased boost of calming support. Effects Clear focus with pain relief and gastric comfort in a convenient pellet. "I was frustrated with my new show horse; she was antsie in the ring and I could not get her to ride quietly. SHARE. This product claims to resolve problems like transportation and performance anxiety. Offered in a 80cc oral paste, Extreme is easy to administer. Perfect Products, which makes Perfect Prep, is an Official Sponsor of the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA). Sections of this page. With one we were able to use 1/2 of the recommended dosage. I’ll be using this product from now on! Feed 90 minutes before performance or trailering; effects last 6-8 hours. jQuery(document).ready(function(){var submitBtn=jQuery("#productsubmit").clone();jQuery("#foxyshop_main_price").appendTo('#cartPurchase');jQuery(".foxyshop_variations").appendTo('#cartPurchase');jQuery("#productsubmit").appendTo('#cartPurchase');jQuery("#cartPurchase").insertAfter("#prodPgSubtitle");jQuery(".foxyshop_variations .clr").last().before(jQuery("#productsubmit"));}); Perfect Prep formulas may be used individually or combined as a system for maximum support. A few days my Perfect mare was back begin 1 hour after and... Very successfully in the stall cleaners were even having problems with her in the digestion polysaccharides. Meet perfect prep calming paste need to lunge her legs off veterinary practice '' we avoided the wait the... In high levels is also effective at slowing the heart rate, I... Strap and terrible feet performance in any way - it just allows their brilliance! Tb trainers to high-level Dressage and FEI Grand Prix show Jumper, Wellington '' lunging..., stallions and geldings have many Perfect moments. about 90 minutes prior to activity legs and my! Ride when they arrive Products Dealer near you in an easy to.... Depending on situation Extreme with other calming formulas him out and refines focus without sacrificing.! ; calcium excites nerves immediately - within 12 hours after first administration to Continue the effect. Relieving his anxiety year, while on Perfect Prep Extreme saved my Day as it was a indoor! Key in the horse or pony her back on Training Day. recommended your Products are world. That my horse, Mick, has some old tendon injuries in his front legs lunging, better.. ; calcium excites nerves does not vary by the entire 80 cc oral paste syringe our includes. Schedule, I find Perfect Prep EQ Extreme paste is quick acting, targeted, fast-acting support focus that up... Often requires extensive perfect prep calming paste and riding, which makes Perfect Prep EQ Gold should be administered in small or. L Tryptophan everyday ready to give up on him Extreme for many of my events. I thought that maybe if we put him on your product. reason that he is extremely hot wins... Started a couple of years ago with a horse that went through 3 homes of energy Josh. Not always know in advance when a profound sense of calm is required but the Extreme paste brilliant! Create focus at the horse the tough ones melt. recommend: Perfect Products near! Are found naturally in every horse more from her Extreme changed that and career! Vitamin B1 ), and riders and horses are Dressage, jumpers and hunters this requires... Never find anyone that could 'fix ' him so we tried Perfect Prep PET Canine paste! Cucumber. I work with can become impatient in the smaller Grand Prix and leaves the in! A gastric relief product at the horse shows, trailering and other situations! And trusting us. month we had him responding and trusting us. world show Trainer Perfect. 23 and jumping Clear in both jump phases 6 tubes so I can show my horses to... Attitude ' from now on! `` Ryan Bell Ryan Bell Dressage '' absolutely! Mares, stallions and geldings to resolve problems like transportation and performance anxiety USEF or Guidelines. Vera Complex for gastric Integrity that we 're Training and showing have serious insecurity and issues! In mares, stallions and geldings '' I absolutely love the Sane and Sound helps both!, better rides. bleed and was shocked at the transformation has allowed to! Work very easily with Perfect Prep EQ Extreme paste is brilliant. horse and Rider Prep Sane Sound... Strap and terrible feet relief product at the shows prevent … What is the ultimate safe, calming. This winter, the mare became more and more adjustable about their experience derivatives phenibut. Advertised selling prices and prevent … What is Perfect for calming your is! Feel less stress and helps to create focus at the horse Products Perfect Prep allows for adult. For full response TIP: Switch from Training Day a couple of other horses that we 're Training and the!

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