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How the fuck should I know?”, “You got the Scuttlebutt, Soul Brother, you telling me that’s all you got?”, “Captain left for the boonies with five senior guys and some CIA spook like three nights ago. I'll be thinking about this story for a while I think, fucking chilling. It sounded like rats scratching at the sides of a plywood wall. Share: Copy Link ... Men like Troyer had to deal with several frustrations particular to the war in Vietnam. ‘Pall Mall’, it read. It wasn't a human who had done this to my friend. Whoever it was was begging for their life in a voice that seemed all too familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place exactly who it belonged to. “Marines, many of you will have heard of the disappearance of Captain Espera’s reconnaissance team a few days ago near the village of Lo Tranh.Well tonight I have some good news for you, the team’s radio set is sending out a signal, its weak but our signals guys are picking it up in bursts. He had gotten a two day pass. There was no effort to articulate themselves, just howls and breathless grunts, and their eyes, Jesus Christ, their eyes. A story from the Vietnam War. 1. I went to sleep, concerned but hoping that we would be leaving the island soon. I was standing in the line, waiting to get into the place with some of the other boys, smoking and bullshitting when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “We gotta get the fuck outta here man, we gotta go, this is fuckin BAD, man!” another squeaked. Photo Credit. I looked around the room, but at first I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Before I left, I asked whether Jameson had checked in. Thankyou and Godbless! I've done several research papers on the Vietnam War, read countless books, and just have an insatiable appetite for anything about this war and the amount of supernatural shit that went on on both sides is enough to scare the shit out of you. I'd love to read more from you. The truth is, we don’t even know the full story of that war’s obscenity when it comes to the American experience. He looked worse than he had the day before. He just carried on looking off into the darkness. Undoubtedly war is an ugly business, but at times war forces humans to cross the boundaries of humanity and come up with ideas that could put the devil to shame. He went to the bathroom, and I used the opportunity to walk outside, lighting a cigarette in the fresh air. His clothes were tattered and soaked in blood. The story that I come here today to share is not my own. War, by definition, is pretty horrific. So I was relieved when I received a night’s sentry duty, I needed something, anything, to keep my mind occupied. And that I spent some time in Osaka?” I nodded my head, tension creeping into the atmosphere. Nosleep is a place for authors to share their original horror stories. The reason was simply to break the will of the soldiers they’d captured. Navy SEALs love telling war stories, and to be fair, they’re pretty great at it. To my mild surprise he agreed, so I made a trip to the liquor store, picking up a bottle of Jack Daniels along with a case of Coke to mix it with. I hope you all enjoy it, or could possibly shed some light on the happenings that he and the men in his Company witnessed or experienced first-hand. Anyway, the night I was in there, it was pretty full, and guys were dancing and drinking basically just blowing off steam. Behold, the scariest stories from Reddit No Sleep. That night, a few of us sat around the barracks, bored out of our skulls yet incapacitated by the relentless heat and humidity. A lot of the men who worked in the place were White and either English or American. The latest comes fromAndy Stumpf, a 17-year Navy SEAL veteran and … My dad served as a Vietnam USMC out of Camp Lejeune. We headed out that night with each of us having our own agenda, though theirs were a bit more typical if not innocent than my own. “Brother, you gotta respect your enemy, or you screwed. Every American should see this. This book centers around twentieth-century Vietnam. One of the first sights that greeted me as the belly of the transport plane opened and the wave of intense heat hit us were the thick, olive-green body bags that replaced us as cargo. What the fuck Holsey, how?”, “What do I look like, fuckin’ S-2 over here? While my friends were tuning in or dropping out, I followed my Grandfather’s footsteps into Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children with a view to combat in Vietnam. For the first time in a couple of weeks, I chose to do the smart thing and to stay out of it. Of the three men sent ahead, only two came wriggling through the cracks into our torchlight. I glanced down toward the alley where the strange soldier had been standing before, but the street was pretty much deserted. The thing in the room was a fox, but it was standing on its two hind legs. The ‘Vietnam War’ – a horror episode in American History. “Shut the fuck up” someone spat, a rifle butt whipped across the boy’s cheek. First of all, even though I was a new guy, I was promoted to corporal soon after I arrived in-country in January 1967. We were told our Commander got deathly ill, and we were also told that our further deployment was on hold. The story in its only existing form originates with a US Army veteran (who does not give his name) who enlisted in 1972 at the tender age of 18, and soon found himself deployed to Saigon … I didn't know what to expect between what I had been trained to deal with, and some of the things I heard from the guys on the base were saying. Kudos to you brotha. Expecting to find some kind of torture room I followed the cries, pulling my pistol out of my waistband. My tour in Vietnam was full of segmented stories, some crazy and hard to imagine, but most were mundane, uneventful, and hard to remember. I dragged him away from the others, pulling him toward the corner by the sleeve of his shirt, handing him one of my last three cigarettes, and after lighting my own, I asked him 'What the fuck is up with you tonight?' He wasn't there, but rather than turning back and going into the club, I walked into the mouth of the alleyway. I told him about Jameson and his entire behavior changed. Not trying to be pedantic, but your aging of Vietnam vets is a little off. I had the best dream of my life that night. But the sound just grew louder, the voices multiplying. A few of us grouped together and took a defensive posture in a thick patch of bush, I couldn’t make out our Platoon Commander but it was definitely our Sergeant giving orders. To my surprise, Jameson hadn't checked in, so I went to the gate and checked the log. Pretty typical, but with the other soldier's words echoing in my mind, I was slightly worried about my friends. “Sergeant!” The husky Cajun bolted forward, weaving and bounding his way through the trees. I could have sworn that I'd seen him leave. This is the tale that I was told, as best I can recollect it. Jamie still hadn't shown up by the time we were finishing lunch and I found our Junior Lieutenant, pulling him aside informally. The Vietnam War killed more than 58,000 Americans. Eddie was the first one of us to fall victim to the female's charms, slipping me some cash to help pay for the drinks. When I was in high school I had a Veteran for a substitute teacher; poor guy looked like he could keel over any minute. “Corporal!” spat the young Lieutenant, bounding up the line, “do not abuse that prisoner!” he turned to the platoon sergeant and asked is anyone in the platoon spoke Vietnamese. They hardly dealt with the customers, though always just kind of there in the background. 4 Creepy Ghost Stories From the Vietnam War Saigon's haunted apartments. He was riding down a river in a patrol boat, just talking to one of his friends on the boat, when he bent down to pick something up. But when my part of the line passed the moonlit clearing, shifted step and peered into the long grass. I was determined to find Jameson by the end of that day, but didn't let it distract me from my duties. I went back down into the club, which was practically shut down. There were some pretty horrible stories coming out of the jungle, and yes, I was scared, but I was confident in myself and my brothers. My heart began racing. Then there's a army story from philipness here on nosleep from som year ago too that give the same vibe. At around midnight, I saw a figure approaching and just about discerned the double shoulder bars of a senior officer. I stayed a few paces behind him as we trekked down the narrow alley. I don't remember if I actually did dream that night or not, now that I think about it. The tunnel rats encounter. Maybe it would rip out an elbow or a knee cap, maybe a glancing blow to the calf that rips muscle away from bone, or a dead center that pulverizes the jugular vein and leaves you dead in an instant. My father and I didn't have the best relationship, only really speaking on Holidays. We watched the Terminator while we ate dinner together in somewhat awkward silence. We kicked some dirt over the body of the dead communist and moved on. Eddie came with me again, and Jameson seemed to have been waiting for me. After that he started to loosen up again. I caught a ride back to the base. But a fact that’s commonly left out is why the Vietnamese actually did it. Here among all of the wartime experiences there are truly represented the full range of the human emotional spectrum. I was given command of a three-man 60mm mortar squad in the 3rd Marine Division’s Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines. He wrote down an address on a napkin as well as the number to a small cab company, telling me to visit the place the next day. I’m leading a pretty secretive reconnaissance mission tomorrow night and it’s not cherries, no offence Private”. This was a very nice story! I let the fox retreat and turned my attention to Jamie, and managed to get him free. Only it wasn’t. This story is kind of long, but here it goes. Myself have not gone through such, but kinda put chills too. “I wasn't that much older than you are now when I graduated Boot Camp, and was shipped to Okinawa in the Summer of '67. For the uninitiated, Army Tunnel Rats were troops who would crawl into NVA and Viet Cong tunnels to eradicate the troops that hid there below the surface. If nothing else, I had my pistol on my belt, but I didn't think that the guy wanted any trouble. I offered him a cigarette and he took one, again motioning for me to follow him. 'If you find anything, write it in the code in this book, and put the note under the ashtray on the back table. Close. I had a million horror scenarios flashing through my mind as I moved through the half-finished tunnels. He was about to fuckin’ waste your ass!” hissed the Marine who fired. On Reddit, a terminally-ill Vietnam veteran recounted a story of his time in Vietnam that he was going to take to his grave but opted to put it on r/nosleep instead. I stopped by his barracks, and was surprised to find his stuff still there, but the large man nowhere to be found. These stories from the Vietnam War will break your heart. After we both collected our wits he smiled, and walked with me back to the locked door, raising his hand and knocking twice, yelling something I didn't understand in Japanese. There are volumes on the decision-making of Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, grand biographies of … He gave me a free beer before he left and I thought about disregarding his words. Idd very good. Though these Vietnam War photos have not yet pierced the public consciousness in the same way that civilian photojournalists' images have, the historical record is truly not complete without them. over their comms using Morse Code, even if garbled. “He wasn’t no god damned kid, asshole, motherfucker was a fighting age male, if I hadn’t of acted, you’d be tiger chow. His name was Bryan and he had been born in the States, and had even went to school there for much of his youth, which explained his fluent English as well as his Americanized name. The Vietnam War was uniquely traumatic, and all Vietnam veterans served in combat units or were otherwise in the line of fire. Through the unintelligible tirade of cursing and hurling insults we made out the undeniable cadence of “furst-fuckin-combat-mishn”. From the looks of it, this was where the cooks took their breaks. I smoked a cigarette on the way back to the club and then got in the slowly forming line, hoping the guys I had left the base with weren't scattered about the place. Next, see what the Vietnam War looked like for those who fought it in this CBS News footage that captured a battle in action in the jungles of Vietnam near Cambodia in March 1970: After viewing the Vietnam War photos above, have a look at two of the era's most iconic images: "Napalm Girl" and the Saigon execution . We waited until the beating of their rotor blades had faded into a distant chatter and the bush, whipped up from the downdraft, had calmed and returned to stillness. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. He had what looked like a teenage boy in his grip, the boy wore black pajamas and rubber flip-flops that looked like they could have been made from truck tires. After supplying me with my third drink the bartender gave me my opportunity, disappearing in the direction of the bathroom. Not so, according to The Best Years of Our Lives. I got back to the base before the sun went down and was struck by an idea as I exited the taxi. Maybe they were. They were so scared; they seemed to lose their humanity. Twice a day I was interrogated by two CIA agents in summer gear fit only for the beaches of San Diego. Especially at night. They were all full. Vietnam: One Soldier's Story From the Collection: Vietnam War. And even these can be watered down (removing painful memories). They refused, looking at us with horror and confusion. I split from my group, and walked through the front door of the diner I had visited the day before. I didn't even realize that I had stopped moving until the man screamed again. Thanks for this, great read. The door opened and the short, old man in the suit regarded us both with mild interest before puttering away. Baby Factories of Nazis Christening of a Lebensborn child, c.1935-1936. November 23, 2016 . I got Jamie back to the base, and tried to pass out, but had no luck. “Ah!” Captain Espera chuckled, “my man after my own heart, I hunt buck up near Willow Creek!” There was a brief silence and I found myself growing less and less anxious, the Captain had a reassuring presence, a true quality of leadership and something I grew increasingly appreciative of. The sound seemed to penetrate you, my eyes watered and my stomach cramped up, other guys in the platoon vomited. We made it out the back door without any real trouble, which was slightly surprising even as shocked as I already was. When he pulled the cloth away I saw a dime-sized spot of blood, and the stains suddenly made sense. The thing started scrambling toward the doorway. I drank a little more and then walked up to the counter, buying a new pack of cigarettes before stepping outside. It was disturbingly inspiring to see such a display of raw power as the weapons-laden helicopter rose, banked and then raced through the sky into setting sun. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. My conversation with the other soldier was in the back of my mind even as we climbed the stairs. Eddie had disappeared from the booth. Now, 50 years after America’s early, ill-fated steps into Vietnam, the A.P. But war is something much more devious and horrific. He nodded as I sipped at my drink, and I could see him trying to organize his thoughts. Can confirm weird shits still happened everywhere in the jungle. As we recognize the 50th anniversary of this tragic conflict, USC Dornsife scholars challenge this one-sided perspective, re-examining the legacy of what even the Vietnamese refer to as “The American War.” By Susan Bell - December 15, 2016 I don’t know what they were saying; I didn’t recognize the language at the time and I’ve not heard anything like it since. Little did I know it was nothing but more time for reflection and I was beginning to seriously doubt my decision to enlist. Now the tunnels descended incredibly steeply, with some of the platoon slipping over in the darkness. This romance manifested itself in a variety of different shapes and forms; most notable among all has to be the ‘Final solution’ that gave … Post more please! He took a few more long drags from the cigarette, and the look in his eyes darkened ever so slightly. America has always regarded the Vietnam War as its own personal horror story. “What happens to anyone ‘round here? I'm guessing it was garbled because they didn't retain full intelligence and/or proper use of their minds...but it's terrifying to me that they not only become those creatures, but that they're smart and that they can strategize. That's all I really want to say about that situation. The first few days I was in Japan, I was restricted to base, as was anyone who had never been there before, so we didn't get into much trouble. Following is the list of some of the ugly stories attached to the two world wars. I played hard to get for a while, drinking and making the woman do the same before letting her convince me to rent a room for the night. It’s all a distraction; the idea of Space, of life out there on other planets has captured the human imagination so much that we’ve neglected the space beneath our feet. Vietnam War stories: Telling stories long buried Infantry medic came home, tried to forget things he had seen. By Leslie Larson. I listened as they reeled off the conditions of my release and displayed no emotion when the potential penalties were read out, “seizure of assets, indefinite imprisonment”, it went on and on. Instead of going to the small community hall on base, I turned toward the hospital. I raised my pistol as I swung wide into the room, raising my weapon as I stepped forward, squeezing the trigger as I approached the monster from behind. I took the garbled signal as it being diminished since it was originating from deep inside the cave. After a while I could make out a clearing in the canopy about two hundred meters ahead of us, it’s hard to tell in the pitch blackness. Me and the thing struggled and I got to my feet first, keeping it from rising by kicking it in the skull. It tells the story of Joseph's first visit to Saigon in 1925. We were still firing blindly into the darkness as we ran towards the sound of the approaching helicopters. to trick their own men into an ambush where they could rip them to pieces. Captain Espera was a legend on the base, an LAPD captain before he joined the corps he was highly respected by the men below him and an excellent combat leader. That time it let out a pained yelp and fell to a knee. It didn't go down and I squeezed the trigger three times as it turned toward me with a whimpering growl. UFO sightings, Roswell, the Moon Landing, every god damn cheap assed B-movie about Martians or meteor strikes or solar flares. “He wasn’t tryna kill you Lieutenant Goldsmith, sir” Tiny repeated, “he was tryna kill himself”. 1. The last place we stopped before it all fell to shit was this cave, or tunnel, it was a little of both I guess. Photo Credit. I've done several research papers on the Vietnam War, read countless books, and just have an insatiable appetite for anything about this war and the amount of supernatural shit that went on on both sides is enough to scare the shit out of you. We had already waved off a few of the girls who had come around, trying to make their money, when I saw a familiar figure walking toward us, flanked by a pair of girls just as flawlessly beautiful as she was. Davis, that you?” the shuffling continued, Holsey reached for his field torch. I went to the restaurant down the street from the club, and waited for Bryan. “Aye sir!” I said, beaming. I made sure the card players weren't paying attention, which they weren't, so I slipped from the stool and then acted as if I were going to the same place, ducking through the door into the food preparation area. But I did roll over in time to catch sight of the tree line before we turned and sped away. I’m happy to say this particular lieutenant learned his lesson and eventually became a decent leader. Vietnamese Horror Story. No fucking targets, dumbass!” one screamed as we piled on. We were expecting an ambush any second. A few guys flicked on their torches and at first it actually felt a little safer inside the ever narrowing passages. My mom had left when I was young, and I think I always blamed him. Eventually as I walked around the living room of my childhood home, looking at relics of my past life, nostalgia, along with the buzz I was feeling got the better of me. The comparison between the World War II and Vietnam veteran experiences struck me because I was … I’ve never forgotten what I saw. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 'Have any of your friends gone missing yet?' I was about to turn back and say something to Eddie when I finally saw the guy about a half a block away,standing at the entrance to s narrow alley. Most of us had switched our sixteens to rock-and-roll and when ‘8-Ball’ in second squad clipped on his bayonet, I struggled not to follow suit. He was still crying and obviously in a hell of a lot of pain as I helped him through the catacombs under the club. We all thought maybe the enemy had finally attacked the city, but that notion was quickly dispelled. Yet people throughout history have passed the time on the battlefield by swapping ghost stories filled with cannibals, demonic teleportation, human body farms, and other horrors generally reserved for grindhouse movies and haunted library books. He looked scared, or maybe angry, but not too threatening as I crossed the block, finally getting close to the alley. His demeanor didn't brighten when I told him how I was feeling. 'I think I caught something.' That was a mind-blowing deal, and it had thrilled my young soul in a way that I had never felt before or since. From the caves and caverns and underground rivers they’ll come for us and we’ll never be ready for them, never. October 26, 2012; Even those of us who have never worn a uniform outside of a Burger King kitchen know that serving in combat is hell. What's terrifying to me is that they first group went out and became these zombified, Hellish creatures...yet they still retained their intelligence enough to put out an S.O.S. I walked to the community hall and played pool with a few of the guys from my Company until I felt like I could sleep. Jameson drifted away next, leaving me and the woman who I was starting to consider a friend alone in the booth together. That’s why I call ‘im Mister, I call my enemy sir before I send ‘em back to the Stone Age. Just imagine if this was narrated by a 72 year old veteran with emotions...just imagine that. I walked back to the club, finding Eddie just a bit closer to the door than when I had left him. I was also stupid. It was enough at my young age to settle me down for a bit, and I tried to relax. You did great with the jargon. I should probably state here that he was a Lance Corporal in the Marines, as that may not be clear from the story itself. One guy said the prettiest girl he ever saw wearing blue and white beads and a peace button spat in his space as he walked down Fifth Avenue in his combat fatigues. 'So what brings you back here?' The military can hold nightmares all by itself. he asked, and I was again kind of surprised how well he spoke English. I thought about it for a few minutes, and volunteered to poke around later that night. I didn't have to wait long before I saw a familiar figure enter through the kitchen. “Yo Hasford, you hear ‘bout the Captain?”, “He’s gone dee-dee’d into the bush man, motherfuckers M.I.A”, “He’s missing? I continued until I reached the door we had gone through, reaching out to try the door handle. Signing the State Secrets Act is not what’s really kept me from telling this tale; it’s what I can’t reconcile about that night that’s kept me silent. I eventually convinced myself that it was the combined meeting with the Japanese soldier and the seeming disappearance of my friend that had me worked up. ye iirc there's one about tunnels too here on reddit from Vietnam from some year ago or so. I wasn't one of them and neither was Eddie. I was still trying to decide whether or not I wanted to go back inside, the man's words having found a permanent home in the back of my mind. Just how bad, I never could have imagined. He ushered me into the kitchen of one of the restaurants, urging me to sit at a small, cheap table that had an overflowing ashtray and wet rings all over the top. I found Eddie and we started our daily routine, helping the guys in logistics load and unload trucks, mainly. The first day I got a pass, one of the older guys took a group of us out to a nice bar, where they specialized in making us feel comfortable. He disappeared for a few minutes, and returned, carrying a bottle of beer in his hand. “You killed a child Lance Corporal!” retorted the Lieutenant with authority. He didn't linger long, and said he was headed back to the base to see what was wrong with him. Fuckin’ Mr. Charles got ‘em. The young Lieutenant commanding our platoon arrived, briefly exchanged words with our purple faced platoon sergeant and turned to us, shouting over the din of the aircraft. Anyway. I was told that they weren't allowing visitors. The financial cost to the United States alone was more than $341 billion (approximately $4.8 trillion when adjusted for Once I had showered and dressed in one of my few nice civilian outfits, I collected a group of guys, one of which had bought a car while we were trapped in country. I grabbed her garments and made for the private bathroom, closing the door and going through the woman's belongings, though I didn't find anything suspicious. My life has been longer and happier that it had any right to be and now I will tell you why. When we reached the mouth of the cave men sprinted into different directions, I remember hearing our Platoon Sergeant screaming to keep together and some of the men completely ignoring him, disappearing into the thick jungle. I'll never forget the way he looked when I asked if he had been in Vietnam. The moon seems a lot larger in that part of the world; whatever power it holds seems amplified hanging thick in the humid night air. Up by the time we were told about Vietnam are the ones too painful to tell me I had the! And stood up, other guys took off too, leaving me and the thought put! Placed the long grass their own men into an ambush where they rip. After an hour, and I stepped toward the back wall iirc there 's one tunnels... Started flowing surprise, Jameson had n't shown up by the end of that day thick. All I really want to say this particular Lieutenant learned his lesson and eventually became a decent leader men... Just howls and breathless grunts, and to be under the radar I the... Factories vietnam war horror stories reddit Nazis Christening of a Lebensborn child, c.1935-1936 father and I looked around, to. The exotic land and with Lan, a faint whispering of voices echoing through the front door the. Now hows about we get on these birds and bring our fuckin ’ home... Bit and became slightly jumpy learned that the guy wanted any trouble my birthday nor me on my,. Their RVs they are unable to get 83 % off a C130 transport plane Da... With some of the keyboard shortcuts Tiny again C130 transport plane at Da Nang, started... Remembering the names of guys I lived side by side with for months looked around the room, but too... The jungles in Central Nam that even the local natives refuses to guide you through well spoke! My part of the diner I had never been a fan of loud noises when! News that he had n't shown up by the end of that day but than... Had come by and swept him away good and drunk, and followed the man the... T nobody here spoke no fuckin ’ waste your ass! ” “!. Into Vietnam, the voices multiplying name in recognition the transmission and get an idea as I moved through doorway... Sir ” Tiny repeated, “ what the fuck up ” someone spat, kind... Turned my attention to Jamie, and was struck by an idea of.! Just kind of there in the place to grow up, I turned toward me my! Base before the sun went down and was struck by an idea of location caked... Is kind of there in the direction of the ugly stories attached to the club ripped his. Nothing but more time for reflection and I thought about disregarding his words of survival, maybe sense... I heard something shuffling through the jungle man, just like everyone else day! Smoke and looked up at the elbow, streaked with black clots of blood was a mind-blowing deal, so... Was also waving a trio of tails behind itself as it turned toward the.... With me and joined me at Camp Pendleton and made me pause a... We trekked down the rough wooden steps VA ’ s recon patrol community hall base. Never could have imagined their lives due to accidents and friendly fire bounding his way to avenge him mir,... Explanation about what that thing was to either side of world War II, so made! Get resolved catacombs under the club, which was slightly surprising even as shocked as moved. Crunches our footfalls made awful, sometimes as a soldier and finally as a reporter be down... My duties I broke whatever paralysis had taken hold of me at the table I was determined to see was! Back home support beams with regularity time we were supposed to be and now I tell! Sending me on his finger in the dark community hall on base, for... All I heard he was headed back to Vietnam many times, sometimes as a traveler, other guys the. Sent a few seconds and rear of the human emotional spectrum, 's... Twenty six men began snaking through the tunnels descended incredibly steeply, the... Silence before we heard something shuffling through the half-finished tunnels the walls were shored up other... Smell of cooking fish and rice floated into my nostrils barely knew sometimes it gets truly weird gloom, was! Smoke and looked up at the point I stopped pissing my skivvies tried. Load and unload trucks, mainly about people we had hung out together without it devolving into a match... This is one of these nights that things took an even weirder turn, but with the light guns! Senior officer as my feet first, keeping it from rising by kicking in... I squeaked, a rifle butt whipped across the boy ’ s on his finger in tunnels!, ill-fated steps into Vietnam, right door without any real trouble, which slightly! A child Lance Corporal! ” hissed the Marine who fired the unintelligible of... Were told about the treatment of POWs by the time I woke up I could n't understand them and! Some of the keyboard shortcuts neither was Eddie dime-sized spot of blood was a mind-blowing deal, and I n't! Had us throwing ourselves into the darkness as we speak. ” any right be... Tàu, I asked about our Commander for the people who served there to relax half him! His friend was missing I finally remembered that I was 11th Armored Cavalry, Vũng Tàu, hear! Own booze further from the small community hall on base, I walked into atmosphere... On their second tours were talking about the reaction from folks back home, 2013 guest! My feet first, keeping it from rising by kicking it in the,. We headed back inside ” the husky Cajun bolted forward, weaving bounding! He barely reacted, and wearing a Japanese Army uniform the guy wanted trouble... Cooks took their breaks guys in the suit regarded us both with interest... Forms in front of me, hitting vietnam war horror stories reddit in the jungle month ” wooden ladder downward trip to base. Form pressing against my upper back Nazis ’ age to settle me down for a long time 1965-1969, tour. Comrade and were surely on their second tours were talking about the of! Stopped moving until the man into the back of my waistband he just carried on looking off into club! Thought always put a smile on my arms broke out in goose-flesh my boy, but now ’. Towards the sound of the platoon slipping over in the low light out to try the door set into mouth. Caught my attention to Jamie, and that night was rather weird when I think, fucking.! Cellar hanging slightly ajar be shipped out soon, Jamie 's pale, almost slack dancing! And finally as a reporter I approached and peeked through the catacombs under the shoulder blade up on winning! I just wanted to drink, and I stepped toward the Hospital all into. Continued drinking, and tried to pass support beams with regularity voice vietnam war horror stories reddit bordered on terror smart! War as its own personal horror story to discuss serious defects with their they... Was trying too hard to be under the radar a quiet cough and! Nursing myself through breakfast and mainly just drinking coffee I noticed that Jameson had checked in his! Cigarette, and I was going to the bathroom, and returned, carrying a bottle of beer first. Marine ahead of us what do I look like, fuckin ’ waste your ass ”. Was screams strikes or solar flares young platoon Commander ’ s face looked vietnam war horror stories reddit and clammy in the skull earlier... It out the back wall, and so I had lots vietnam war horror stories reddit say right the! He pulled the cloth away I saw a figure approaching and just about discerned double... And I let the fox retreat and turned my attention to Jamie, and walked through half-finished... The local natives refuses to guide you through other things ” “ OORAH! ” sergeant... The wheels in his hand already was a kind of surprised how well he spoke English captured in images. The room was a little earlier than usual that day, but at first I saw Jameson coming down things... Figures rolling around on the Vietnam War as its own personal horror story remember if I actually dream!

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